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College of Veterinary Medicine Advance Newsletter

No more pennies for this lucky duck

Veterinary technician holding the duck
For ducks, pennies don’t bring much luck -- a one-cent coin could actually cost them their life. That was the case for Wazzu, an Indian Runner duck who showed up at Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital this spring struggling to walk, losing weight fast, and feeling ill. » More ...

Coming Together: 650 Masks and Counting

Wearing donated cloth masks
In their Oregon home, Liz and Frank Wallace have a well-orchestrated production line for making cloth masks. Frank draws around the template and cuts out the fabric. Liz does the sewing. Then Frank pulls out the pins and strings the elastic. “We are a production team,” says Liz. They started making masks for the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital after learning the hospital’s staff needed them to stay healthy while treating animal patients. » More ...

They call her Lucy Sunshine

Portrait of Tami and Lucy. Lucy is wearing a Cancer Survivor scarf.
When Tami first found out Lucy had nasal cancer, she said she couldn’t even think about it.  But the doctors told her even though it is bad news, it is not the worst news because they could still treat her.  They told her that Lucy has a lot of happy days ahead of her with treatment. » More ...