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College of Veterinary Medicine Advance Newsletter

Teaching science students visual literacy life skills

Erika Offerdahl and Jessie Arneson
Students who study molecular biosciences can’t actually see what they are learning. “We can never see with our eyes the things we study,” says Erika Offerdahl, a biochemist and associate professor in the WSU School of Molecular Biosciences. “It is hard to directly see beyond the sub-cellular level, so as students we learn through representation.” » More ...

Fellowship Helps Fund a Love of Pathogens

Mike Konkel with graduate student Nicholas Negretti
In a light-filled laboratory, Nick Negretti grows bacteria. “I love pathogens,” says Negretti, who is a graduate student in the WSU School of Molecular Biosciences. “They are so interesting. In each of us, there are more bacterial cells than human cells,” he says. “And while most bacteria are helpful, there are a few that make us sick.” » More ...

Reaching for the STARS

Travis Kent
When Travis Kent was still a high school student in Boise, Idaho, Washington State University was one of his top choices. But it was on a visit to the WSU School of Molecular Biosciences when he was told about STARS, a fast-track program where students can begin as undergraduates and earn a doctorate in seven years, when he knew this was the place for him. » More ...