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College of Veterinary Medicine Advance Newsletter

Saving Birds of Prey

WSU wildlife veterinarian Nicky Finch with Amicus, a blind Golden Eagle
Down a long, narrow, dim hallway is a door with a gold metal number 10. We stop outside and listen to an owl hooting. Dr. Nicky Finch, wildlife veterinarian at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, opens the door a crack, then slowly walks in. “Gus,” a Great Gray Owl, is inside. He has strips of leather on his legs, called jesses. Dr. Finch puts on a leather gauntlet, which covers her forearm. » More ...

WSU’s Pituitary Team Leading the Nation in Pituitary Surgical Treatment

Tina Owen and Annie Chen-Allen performing surgery
Anna, a 10-year-old chestnut colored boxer with dark brown ears and a white patch on her chest, had always been a healthy and active dog. But in the spring of 2014, her owner, Sundays Hunt of Salt Lake City, Utah, noticed Anna grew lethargic and was less interested in playing with the other two dogs. She was also eating all the time. » More ...

Melle: The true story of a miraculous rescue, a helping hand, an extraordinary surgery, and the love for one dog

A few days after the New Year in 2014, Laurie Boukas of Richland, Washington, was walking her two Border Collies, Lucy and Connor, when she saw a Pontiac Trans Am drive by. Laurie, who had just moved to Richland a few weeks before with her husband, Nick, saw the car turn around and drive by again. » More ...