Students can now watch ultrasounds, radiographs (or x-rays), and other procedures more easily thanks to a new large screen TV monitor from a generous friend of the college. Before the WSU cardiology group received the monitor, veterinary students crowded around a small computer screen or viewing window. Now students can view procedures more easily and more students can watch procedures at the same time. Students will also be able to watch medical procedures, such as fluoroscopy, in real time.

“Students used to have to watch live procedures crowded around a little window,” said Dr. Brian Maran, a first year WSU veterinary cardiology resident. “With the new monitor, more students can watch and it is easier for them to see what is happening.”

The new monitor also makes it easier to put up teaching materials such as Web pages, photos, or an ECG (electrocardiogram) of a teaching case. Teaching cases are generally typical cases of classic conditions that all students need to learn.

“It is great for teaching,” said Dr. Lynne Nelson, a WSU veterinary cardiologist. “With fluoroscopy it is not practical to have six students in the room at the same time observing a surgical procedure. Now we can have one student in the room and five students can view the procedure on the monitor.”

“It is nice set-up for the students because we can watch and don’t all have to be standing around the patient,” said veterinary student, Brynne Lyle. “It is especially good for radiographs because before it was difficult to see. With the new monitor it is easy to see.”