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by Marcia Hill Gossard ’99, ’04 Ph.D. | Photo by Henry Moore Jr.

Patients at WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital can now receive on-location cardiovascular diagnosis thanks to a new portable echocardiograph from a generous friend of the college.

“We are very grateful to have this machine.” said Dr. Lynne Nelson, a WSU veterinary cardiologist. “This echo is the latest, state-of-the-art, portable machine. Because it is portable, we can take it to a sick horse, kitten, or any animal.”

An echocardiograph is used to diagnose cardiovascular conditions in animals. The machine can test for heart disease, measure the size and shape of the heart, and locate tissue damage.

But, until now, patients had to come to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital for testing. Veterinarians and technicians can bring the new portable echocardiograph to a sick or downed animal and make a diagnosis in remote locations.

“It has the same quality as a larger, stand alone machine,” said Nelson. “And, it is very versatile. It can be use on small exotic animals to large animals like horses. We love it.”

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