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by Marcia Hill Gossard ’99, ’04 Ph.D.

After Jill Strickler’s beloved blond cocker spaniel, “Jessie,” passed away in 2009, Jill wanted to repay the kindness they received at WSU. So she decided to start a student scholarship. But as a writer, Jill knew she could do even more. So she decided to write a series of books to honor Jessie and everyone who cared for her at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

All the proceeds from the books go toward The Jessie Strickler Scholarship. The first book, “Jingle Bell Bride” (using her pen name, Jillian Hart), came out in late 2012. The sisters in the book were named for Jessie’s veterinarians at WSU and it was dedicated to Dr. Chelsea Tripp, a former WSU veterinary resident. Stickler hopes to write at least 20 additional books as part of the series for each veterinarian, resident, and intern who cared for Jessie. Her next book is due out later in 2013. To date, six $1,000 awards have been given to an intern or resident since she established the scholarship in 2010.