Winter 2021 Issue

I will admit to sometimes feeling uninspired. In the days of COVID, decreased contact with the world and all of its wonders (colleagues, food, friends, travel…the list is, well, endless) can really impair our ability to remember why we are here and why it matters.

This week I remember. I signed my first (ever) batch of admissions letters for veterinary students. A cohort of Washington state students will have the thrill of seeing a letter of acceptance, with the hearty congratulations, and be one step closer to fulfilling their dream of becoming a veterinarian. This clearly matters.

I am also working with a colleague in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health to lend college support to a large National Institutes of Health grant that proposes to enhance our outreach to native people through faculty hiring, development and support. This is a wonderful, high-impact initiative. I am proud to be part of an institution that fully supports this work.

In the college we have appointed or re-appointed great leaders including a Director in the School of Molecular Biosciences, an Associate Dean of Research and a Director of Public Impact Initiatives (largely focused on the innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the college). These leaders are inspiring, and their work clearly matters.

I get to forward notes of immense gratitude from our veterinary hospital clients to our medical director for her to share with our doctors and staff. Every clinician, house officer, staff and student should remember how much what they do everyday matters.

One of our faculty members received the “WSU Featured Faculty Member” award for her excellence in undergraduate advising and for her advocacy for STEM education.  Our college has stellar undergraduates and our faculty members really champion them. They are our future. That is clearly important.

And I provided closing remarks for our graduate student recruitment weekend. I love talking about discovery and research that matters. A virtual event, not what we would have wanted, but amazing. Strong, smart faces and bright eyes. They, also, are our future.

So, I feel better, more inspired. What we do does matter and it is important to remember to honor our work.

Go Cougs!