Fall 2018 Issue

by Bryan Slinker, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine

You may have noticed that our newsletter Advance is now digital. We are excited about this new format because it means we can stay better connected with you—our alumni, donors, clients, and friends of the college. And you’ll be able to get more regular updates about the good work we are doing.

For instance, in the next few weeks, I will travel to Kenya where I will review some of the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health programs regarding rabies and antimicrobial resistance in Nairobi; meet with some of our key partners at, for example, the CDC, Kenya Medical Research Institute, and the University of Nairobi; and travel north to Marsabit to review new programs. Look for a “Notes from the Field” article by me online, where you can read my first-hand account of what I learn about the impact of the great work our scientists and their key partners are doing abroad to help improve the lives of animals and people around the globe. I know from previous travels that my ability to advocate for, and support, these impactful programs is greatly improved by the first-hand knowledge I gain, and I am excited that our new format allows me to more directly share such experiences with you.

We hope you will share Advance with people you know who might be interested in learning of the many great things we do to advance, among other things, animal care, global animal health, neuroscience, and human health. The new subscribe feature means anyone can then sign up to directly receive the newsletter and regular updates from the college.

Go Cougs!