Meet the Class of 2021: Conrad Reisenauer

Conrad Reisenauer (2021 DVM), a fourth year veterinary student at Washington State University, is interested in production medicine. Originally from Eastern Washington, he began his bachelor’s degree at Washington State University with a major in Animal Science Pre-Vet and a minor in Business Administration. This is when his passion for production cycles was set into […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Emily Richardson

Her front yard may scream otherwise, but Halloween isn’t Emily Richardson’s favorite holiday. She loves the candy but gets scared way too easily. Emily comes from a long line of Cougs – most of them are engineers. Come spring, the Port Orchard, Washington, product will be the first Coug in her family with a Doctor […]

Q&A with microbiology student Caitlyn Patel

By Josh Babcock Caitlyn Patel is a testament to the education opportunities provided at #WSU. Originally from Vancouver, Washington, Caitlyn opted to switch her major to #microbiology once she realized how much fun she was having in her Microbiology 101 lab. She plans to continue her education after graduating this December so she can work […]

Establishing himself as a leader in the field

Dr. Eduardo Arroyo’s face brightens at the mention of his 3-and-a-half-year-old twins, who, he gushes, can already speak or understand four languages – topping his three. They share his love of animals – although where horses are his passion, they have an affinity for sheep and goats. But their mention also brings mixed emotions to […]

Dr. Craig Nishimoto receives Alumni Achievement Award

Following decades of giving back, Dr. Craig Nishimoto (‘84 DVM) was awarded the Washington State University Alumni Association’s highest honor – the Alumni Achievement Award. Nishimoto was recognized at a presentation Oct. 9 inside Bustad Hall’s Mickelsen Longue. Since the award was created in 1970, it has only been presented to 511 alumni. Nishimoto was […]

Q&A with neuroscience student Wilmer Castillo

This summer, Wilmer Castillo became a certified EMT-B and developed essential skills he can use during emergency situations. It’s all part of Wilmer’s mission to aid his community, and it’s why he is at WSU on a pre-med track to be a neurologist. Where are you from and where did you graduate high school?I’m from […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Tessa Van Diest

After years of riding horses with her grandpa Roy, fourth-year veterinary student Tessa Van Diest is on track to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine this spring. With plans to specialize in equine medicine, it’s no surprise what her favorite rotation has been thus far. “We had lots of foals, and I love neonates,” she […]

Apply to be a WSU veterinary technician today

It’s National Veterinary Technician Week and the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is currently in need of multiple veterinary technicians, technician assistants, and animal technicians to join our skilled veterinary team as soon as possible.  “Not only is WSU a warm environment with co-workers who are like family, we have the ability to provide next level care for […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Tatiana Galvins

Tatiana Galvins is one of 10 ore-admitted students in the Class of 2022 who earned their undergraduate degree in three years. Now in her final year of veterinary school, Tatiana is on track to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine this spring after seven years in Pullman. If you’re in need, she’s looking for a […]

Q&A with cell biology and genetics student Francesca Tedeschi

When she’s not dancing or on horseback, cell biology and genetics student Francesca Tedeschi is striving to become a physician assistant to bring emotional and physical healing to those who need it. “In the future, I hope to join a program like Doctors Without Borders to bring help to others from all around the world,” […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Isla Dubendorf

When Isla Dubendorf participated in her WSU Junior Surgery block, she loved her patient so much that she brought her home and named her after one of her favorite Pullman businesses. Now, the high-energy, mixed-breed pup, Etsi, named after Etsi Bravo, is family to the veterinarian-to-be. Through the WSU Honors College Pre-Admit Program in Veterinary […]

Q&A with neuroscience student Olivia Willis

As an undergraduate, Olivia Willis conducts research in three labs on the WSU Pullman campus. A neuroscience and psychology double major, she just finished working with a transportation engineering group where she is conducting her thesis on the stereotypes students have about scientists. Olivia is on a pre-med track and plans to become a neurosurgeon […]

Neuroscience Scholarship awarded

Olivia Willis and Jacob Foster, senior neuroscience students pursuing a pre-medicine track at Washington State University in Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience, are the 2021 recipients of the Peter A. Zornes Memorial Neuroscience Scholarship. Awardees represent the values Peter Zorne espoused: academic integrity, strong support of original yet ethical research, community service, diversity of interests, and […]

Faculty Member of the Year Awards

The Washington State Veterinary Medical Association has awarded the 2021 WSU Faculty Member of the Year Award to Washington State University clinical instructors Janean Fidel and Rance Sellon and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s oncology team.   The award is presented to WSU faculty members who have served members of the WSVMA with distinction. Dr. Fidel is WSU’s […]

Q&A with neuroscience student Mollee Gray

Mollee Gray had two baby teeth knocked out by a horse when she was a child. Year round, you can still find the neuroscience student from Medical Lake High School on horseback. Mollee has three horses and participates in barrel racing, reining, and other events. She plans to attend medical school. “I am most interested […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Kady Audette

Growing up with a mother who was a dog breeder, Kady Audette has been exposed to responsible and reputable breeding practices since childhood. Knee-deep into her fourth-year of veterinary school at Washington State University, Kady’s dream of working with dog breeders to raise healthy, happy puppies is close to becoming reality. “I love working with […]

Q & A with neuroscience student Logan Prock

Logan Prock is one of the few to take former WSU football coach Mike Leach’s Insurgent Warfare and Football Strategy course, where he got to meet former Cougar quarterback Gardner Minshew. Entering his senior year, the neuroscience student wants to use his degrees to solve complex problems in the corporate world. Where are you from […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Allyson Quigley

Allyson Quigley has traveled to 27 countries and counting, but nothing beats the mountains in Montana on a crisp fall morning. Ally, a Bozeman native and fourth-year veterinary student,  plans to go into small animal emergency medicine after graduation. “Animals have and will always be a big part of my life, and I want to […]

Q & A with biochemistry major Emily Kophs

Biochemistry student Emily Kophs is a third-generation Coug, but she couldn’t fathom the tight-kit Cougar culture until she witnessed it first-hand. “I grew up hearing about the amazing community of students and alumni, but I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself. I have met some of my favorite people at WSU, and […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Tara Powers

As a child, Tara Powers dreamed of being an astronaut, but she decided the stars weren’t for her after she found space camp to be a bore. So, the then pre-teen from a Spokane family of engineers set off to find her own science. Tara is now a fourth-year veterinary student from St. George’s University […]

Q & A with neuroscience major Hannah Mouradian

No matter where neuroscience student Hannah Mouradian finds herself, if she’s sporting her Coug gear she’s certain to get a ‘Go Cougs!’ “That type of belonging is hard to find, especially as a young adult still trying to find yourself,” she said. “I love that WSU gave me a second family and a place that […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Kirby Marden

Kirby Marden “despises” human feet, but she can’t seem to get enough cat-toe beans and dog pawprints. Kirby, a product of Richland, Washington, hopes to return to the Tri Cities next summer to work at a small animal practice where there will be no shortage of paws. While she hopes to focus on dogs and […]

Q&A with biochemistry student Long Nguyen

Biochemistry student Long Nguyen once borrowed his friend’s cap and gown and tricked his mom into thinking he graduated early. Long came to WSU from Vietnam, and when he finishes up his education he wouldn’t mind taking what he’s learned back to his home country. “I want to use the knowledge that I gained in […]

Q&A with basic medical sciences student Trinity Wood

Trinity Wood is an advocate not only for women’s health, but sexual health. The WSU senior, who is pursuing a basic medical sciences degree, dedicates her time educating her fellow Cougs as a peer health educator for Coug Health, as she works toward her dream of becoming an OB/GYN. “It is a topic that many […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Kalyn Wees

Kalyn Wees wanted to go to medical school, but after working in a human clinic as a scribe she realized she would rather help people in a different field of medicine. Come May, Kalyn will be a second-generation veterinarian, following in the footsteps of her mom. “I’ve always had veterinary medicine in my life and […]

Meet the Class of 2023: Riley Butler

Riley Butler (’23 DVM), a third-year veterinary student at WSU, is interested in small animal general practice and future practice ownership. She is originally from the Seattle area and grew up with an assortment of backyard pets, from cats to chickens and goats. Her passion for science and love of animals steered her toward a […]

Meet the Class of 2023: Nicole Lommers

Nicole Lommers, a third-year veterinary student at WSU, is studying small animal medicine and has a special interest in feline medicine. Nicole’s interest in veterinary medicine began at a young age when an injured kitten appeared on her family’s doorstep one cold December morning in 1998. That kitten eventually became her family’s first cat after receiving […]

Meet the Class of 2022: Sheldon Thomas

Not many veterinarians are certified journeyman farriers with the American Farriers Association. This time next year, fourth-year veterinary student Sheldon Thomas hopes to be among the few after he earns his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from WSU. Sheldon grew up in Arizona with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats. He plans to return to […]

Q&A with biochemistry student Evelyn Rowe

The WSU College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the only veterinary colleges in the nation with undergraduate programs. Mondays this academic year we will share stories from our undergraduate students, starting with biochemistry student Evelyn Rowe! Evelyn was recently accepted into the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine Honors College Pathway program, meaning she […]

2021 – Staff recognized for dedication to the college

The College of Veterinary Medicine recently recognized staff who have excelled in the performance of their duties, promoted teamwork, and inspired excellence in others at the College’s Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards. Award-winners are nominated by their department and selected by an advisory committee. Individual Awards Carolyn Emerson-Farr, coordinator for the Center for Reproductive Biology School […]

Q&A with professional master’s student Laura Winder

Laura Winder grew up right here in Pullman and completed her Bachelor of Science in chemistry education at Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2006. Now, she’s right back in Pullman pursuing her Professional Science Master’s degree in the WSU’s School Molecular Biosciences. She hopes to teach AP and dual-enrollment courses at the high school level. What are some […]

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Savannah Sanchez

Savannah Sanchez has a bright future in microbiology, but only a handful of years ago she was contemplating a career in professional motocross. Now a senior doctoral student in the lab of Dr. Anders Omsland in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health at Washington State University, Savannah was just 16 years old when she […]

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Ginny Park

Ginny Park hopes her research at Washington State University will create a better understanding of how chronic cannabis use affects the human brain.

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Dr. Ahmed Lugelo

“When I was young, I loved the Land Rover Defender 110,” Dr. Lugelo said. “The body shape and the amazing turbo sound made me feel crazy.  “One day I saw a person driving a brand new Land Rover, and when I asked my friends, they said he was a researcher in a certain company. From […]

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Matthew Mietchen

A student in the Individual Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, Matthew’s research in Dr. Eric Lofgren’s lab is focused on mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, specifically the transmission of healthcare-associated infections like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, in both hospital and community settings.  “I’m primarily interested in studying […]

2020-21 WSVMA President

Dr. DeBowes has been a faculty member at the College of Veterinary Medicine for 20 years.