Michael Court

Michael Court

ProfessorPharmacology and Genomics 509-335-0817    


  • PhD, Tufts University, 2000
  • BVSc Hons., Queensland University, 1981

Research Interests

My laboratory primarily conducts pharmacogenomic research, including studies designed to identify genetic variants and related mechanisms that determine interindividual differences in drug effect (both beneficial and adverse). The long-term goal of our work is to translate these findings into clinical practice and improve the treatment of important diseases through pharmacogenomic-guided selection of the most effective and safest drug and drug dose for the individual patient (individualized therapeutics).  One of the main projects in our laboratory is attempting to understand the molecular and genetic basis for increased sensitivity of some sighthound dog breeds (such as greyhounds) to certain injectable anesthetic agents.  Another major project involves identifying and characterizing microRNAs that determine interindividual variability in drug glucuronidation in human liver.



Honors and Awards

  • William R. Jones Endowed Chair