Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine
Small classes.  Big Network.
Serving the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Utah

Washington | Idaho | Montana | Utah

Together with our regional educational partners Utah State University, Montana State University, and the University of Idaho, our DVM program offers veterinary students more opportunities than other colleges of veterinary medicine.

  • Washington, Idaho, Montana and Utah residents pay in-state tuition
  • Utah and Montana residents begin their veterinary education in their home states studying with leading faculty
  • All students earn their DVM degree from WSU

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“My first year at Montana State we had so many spectacular opportunities to be hands-on and gain experience! This continued when I came to WSU in my second year.”

Victoria Wilson (’20 DVM)

How does the regional partnership work?

Our regional partnerships with Utah State University, Montana State University, and the University of Idaho means our DVM students have more educational opportunities than other veterinary programs.

Utah residents spend their first two years at the Utah State University in Logan and Montana residents spend their first year at Montana State University in Bozeman learning from leading faculty before coming to WSU.

Washington and Idaho residents attend WSU for all four years.

Nonresidents can also elect to spend their first two years at Utah State University before coming to WSU.

No matter where you start, you will earn your DVM from WSU, one of the oldest and best professional veterinary programs in the country.

Resident stateResident students
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
*Numbers can vary depending on applicant pool.
**Nonresidents also have the opportunity to spend their first two years at Utah State University. We admit 35 nonresidents to our professional veterinary medical education program and 10 can elect to begin at Utah State.

“Coming from Montana State, we had one-on-one teaching in every class. Our professors knew our names, they cared about how we were doing both in class and out, and they truly wanted us to learn and succeed in the veterinary profession.”

Ally Quigley (’22 DVM)

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“I chose the regional program because I knew that I would receive an incredible education. Every professor cares about your individual success, and the hands on opportunities offered are countless. I know that I will leave this program as an amazing veterinarian, no matter what avenue of veterinary medicine I decide to pursue.”

Ubaldo Arana (‘22 DVM) from Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Whether you start at Montana State, Utah State, or Washington State, faculty teach DVM courses with the same syllabi, course objectives, and co-write the exams.

The small class sizes at Utah State University and Montana State University campus provide personalized attention to foster student success while offering exceptional opportunities for professional growth and the development of clinical, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

All core courses are taught on site by Montana State or Utah State faculty. Some elective courses, clubs, and specialized core course topics are taught via distance learning.  All students have access to taped lectures from every class.

Yes!  Joining a club is a wonderful way to get to know other veterinary students.  Montana State and Utah State students can participate through club video streaming.

By the time you come to WSU, you will have had the opportunity to get to know your classmates from courses via distance learning and student clubs with video streaming. Students will also attend a second orientation prior the start of classes at WSU.

Utah State and Montana State students have opportunities get hands-on primary care experience, learn animal handling, and other hands-on training local veterinary clinics, livestock facilities and ranches.