Category: Undergrad Spotlight

Q&A with microbiology student Caitlyn Patel

By Josh Babcock Caitlyn Patel is a testament to the education opportunities provided at #WSU. Originally from Vancouver, Washington, Caitlyn opted to switch her major to #microbiology once she realized how much fun she was having in her Microbiology 101 lab. She plans to continue her education after graduating this December so she can work […]

Q&A with neuroscience student Wilmer Castillo

This summer, Wilmer Castillo became a certified EMT-B and developed essential skills he can use during emergency situations. It’s all part of Wilmer’s mission to aid his community, and it’s why he is at WSU on a pre-med track to be a neurologist. Where are you from and where did you graduate high school?I’m from […]

Q&A with cell biology and genetics student Francesca Tedeschi

When she’s not dancing or on horseback, cell biology and genetics student Francesca Tedeschi is striving to become a physician assistant to bring emotional and physical healing to those who need it. “In the future, I hope to join a program like Doctors Without Borders to bring help to others from all around the world,” […]

Q&A with neuroscience student Mollee Gray

Mollee Gray had two baby teeth knocked out by a horse when she was a child. Year round, you can still find the neuroscience student from Medical Lake High School on horseback. Mollee has three horses and participates in barrel racing, reining, and other events. She plans to attend medical school. “I am most interested […]

Q & A with neuroscience student Logan Prock

Logan Prock is one of the few to take former WSU football coach Mike Leach’s Insurgent Warfare and Football Strategy course, where he got to meet former Cougar quarterback Gardner Minshew. Entering his senior year, the neuroscience student wants to use his degrees to solve complex problems in the corporate world. Where are you from […]

Q & A with biochemistry major Emily Kophs

Biochemistry student Emily Kophs is a third-generation Coug, but she couldn’t fathom the tight-kit Cougar culture until she witnessed it first-hand. “I grew up hearing about the amazing community of students and alumni, but I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself. I have met some of my favorite people at WSU, and […]

Q & A with neuroscience major Hannah Mouradian

No matter where neuroscience student Hannah Mouradian finds herself, if she’s sporting her Coug gear she’s certain to get a ‘Go Cougs!’ “That type of belonging is hard to find, especially as a young adult still trying to find yourself,” she said. “I love that WSU gave me a second family and a place that […]

Q&A with biochemistry student Long Nguyen

Biochemistry student Long Nguyen once borrowed his friend’s cap and gown and tricked his mom into thinking he graduated early. Long came to WSU from Vietnam, and when he finishes up his education he wouldn’t mind taking what he’s learned back to his home country. “I want to use the knowledge that I gained in […]

Q&A with basic medical sciences student Trinity Wood

Trinity Wood is an advocate not only for women’s health, but sexual health. The WSU senior, who is pursuing a basic medical sciences degree, dedicates her time educating her fellow Cougs as a peer health educator for Coug Health, as she works toward her dream of becoming an OB/GYN. “It is a topic that many […]