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Student News

Kudos to sophomore Seth M. Schneider who won the annual Barry M. Goldwater scholarship. The merit-based awards go to college sophomores and juniors in science, engineering, and mathematics who intend to pursue a career in research. Sophomore Angela R. Rocchi received honorable mention. Schneider has worked in WSU microbiologist Cynthia Haseltine’s lab and is currently working with genomicist Kelly Brayton. Rocchi has worked in WSU bio- chemist Joseph Harding’s lab.

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Congratulations to 2015 Wiley Expo winner Natalie Peer (right) with her mentor Dr. Kwanhee Kim. Natalie was the second place winner in the medical and life sciences category for her oral presentation. She received a $500 scholarship.

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Natalie Peer and Dr. Kwanhee Kim




Eighteen earned a degree in biochemistry, six in genetics and cell biology, and twenty in microbiology. GO COUGS!

First STARS Students Start Graduate School

Meet Ross Rowsey one of the first STARS students to start graduate school! STARS— Students Targeted toward Advanced Research Studies— gives select students a chance to accelerate learning and earn a doctorate in as little as seven years after leaving high school. Ross Rowsey, currently a senior at WSU working with Dr. Terry Hassold, will be one of the first graduates of the STARS program when he finishes his Ph.D. in 2015.

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