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Allen School News Student and Fellow News

Student and Fellow News Spring 2017

Jinxin Liu, one of the Allen School’s most recent doctoral graduates, found that antibiotic resistant E. coli are distributed unevenly in soil samples for 14 Washington state dairies. He also monitored E. coli at the WSU dairy and learned that the density of bacteria did not change much from season to season. Together, these findings show that because some locations on farms have predictably greater numbers of antibiotic resistant bacteria, these areas present a greater chance of transmission to other animals and people. His findings could provide new opportunities for reducing the risk of transmission, including improvements to handling waste from areas with higher levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Student and Fellow News | Summer 2016

Jesse Brunner Biology Field Trip to Pond
Keesha Matz

Keesha Matz, an undergraduate microbiology major in the WSU Honors College mentored by Hector Aguilar-Carreño in the Allen School, received honorable mention from the national Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program. She also received an award for outstanding oral presentation at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS).

Sylvia Omulo and Doug Call
Sylvia Omulo (right) with Dr. Douglas Call

Sylvia Omulo, a doctoral student in Dr. Douglas Call’s lab, received an Epidemiology and Population Health Summer Institute at Columbia, or EPIC, scholarship to attend Columbia University in June. The scholarship is funded through a grant from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences. Omulo was also awarded the WSU Graduate School’s $1,000 Karen DePauw Leadership Award for 2016-2017. The award is named for former Graduate School dean, Karen P. DePauw, to honor graduate students who exhibit exceptional leadership skills and involvement at WSU.

Student and Fellow News | Spring 2016

DeeAnn Daite and Jose Guizar were recently awarded Boeing Cyber Grant Research Scholarships. Daite is an animal science undergraduate student working in the lab of Jennifer Zambriski on the epidemiology of Cryptosporidium, a parasite that that causes diarrhea. Guizar is a chemical engineering undergraduate student working in the lab of Douglas Call on antibiotic resistance.

Student and Fellow News | Winter 2015-16

Jessica Klein

Jessica Klein, a graduate student in Leigh Knodler’s lab, was one of four students in the College of Veterinary Medicine to receive a Poncin Fellowship award this year. The $24,145 scholarship supports students engaged in biomedical research in Washington State.

Emily Mosites has accepted a postdoctoral position in the National Institutes of Health’s Infectious Diseases and Microbial Immunology Training Program. She will be working with Drs. Guy Palmer and Thumbi Mwangi on analysis of the impact of nutrition and infectious diseases on childhood growth and health in western Kenya.

Student and Fellow News | Spring 2015

Congratulations to Victoria Olsen-Mikitowicz, Barbara Panata, and Melissa Steinmetz of the DVM Class of 2015 who earned professional certificates in global animal health. All three will be joining private veterinary practices immediately after graduation to hone their clinical veterinary skills before returning to global health interests.

Over the summer six newly accepted certificate students conducted their major projects around the world.

Julia Vanderford (’17 DVM) and Sarah Eichler (’17 DVM) worked with Dr. Thumbi Mwangi on aspects of the PBASS program in Kisumu, Kenya.

Trisha Paulos (’17 DVM) and Cassie Eakins (’16 DVM) joined Dr. Felix Lankester to evaluate parasitism in dogs in the rabies program.

Kat Reardon (’17 DVM) will be working in the lab in Pullman with Allen School faculty member Dr. Hector Aguilar-Carreño on Nipah virus.

Lance Kidder (’18 DVM) worked in Pullman in Jennifer Zambriski’s lab helping to understand Cryptosporidium infections in calves.

Kelsey Brown (’18 DVM) traveled to Kibera, a part of Nairobi, Kenya, to study antimicrobial resistance under the direction of Dr. Doug Call.

Student and Fellow News | Summer 2015

Congratulations to the Allen School’s 2015 Wiley Research Expo Winners!

Four Allen School graduate students, pictured with their mentors, were recognized in three different research categories.


Svetlana Lockwood and Broschat

Svetlana Lockwood (left) with Dr. Shira Broschat

Administrative and Information Sciences (oral presentation)


Sylvia Omulo and Doug Call

Sylvia Omulo (right) with Dr. Douglas Call

International Research (poster presentation)


Jackie Stone and Hector Aguilar Carreno

Jackie Stone (left) with Dr. Hector Aguilar-Carreño

Medical and Life Sciences (poster presentation)


George Wudiri and Anthony Nicola

George Wudiri (left) with Dr. Anthony Nicola

Medical and Life Sciences (oral presentation)

Student and Fellow News | Spring 2015

Congratulations to graduate student Jackie Stone (advisor Hector Aguilar-Carreno) and Carolynn Fitterer (’16 DVM; advisor Gretchen Kaufman) who were awarded first and second place respectively for their posters at the 16th annual College of Veterinary Medicine Student Research Symposium on October 30.

Matt Sammons (’16 DVM) won first place in the 2014 Zoobiquity Conference student poster competition held November 1 in Seattle. Sammons’s poster was titled “One House-One Health approach to childhood growth and development: Identifying and resetting high-risk household gut microbiomes.”  He is a student in the Global Animal Health Professional Certificate Program and is mentored by Dr. Douglas Call.

Student and Fellow News | Fall 2014

Congratulations to doctoral students Quan Liu and Jackie Stone who were each awarded a one-year, $24,780 Poncin Scholarship to study the Nipah virus.  Liu and Stone work with Dr. Hector Aguilar-Carreno, assistant professor in the Allen School.

Paul Ervin, a graduate student in the School of Economic Sciences, was awarded a $15,000 grant with the United Nations Development Programme.  Ervin, who works with Dr. Jon Yoder, will research the economics consequences of dengue fever in Paraguay.

Student and Fellow News | Summer 2014

Congratulations to Drs. Tomasina Lucia (’14 DVM), Aja Senestraro (’14 DVM), Shawna Wedde (’14 DVM), and Brittany Beavis (’14 DVM), who all earned a DVM from the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine and a professional certificate in global animal health from the WSU Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health.

Kudos to Carson Sakamoto (’17 DVM), Matt Sammons (’16 DVM), and Claire Jackson (’17 DVM) who have each been awarded a WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Summer 2014 Research Fellowship! The funds will be used to support their work with Allen School faculty members. Carson will be conducting research with Dr. Jean Celli on Brucella, a bacteria found in cattle that causes the zoonotic disease brucellosis. Matt will be traveling to Kenya to work with Dr. Douglas Call on antimicrobial resistance. Claire will work with Dr. Margaret Davis on E. coli bacterial resistance.

Congratulations to Matt Sammons (’16 DVM) and Carolynn Fitterer (’16 DVM) who were accepted to the Global Animal Health Pathway program! Matt will be conducting research on antimicrobial resistance with Dr. Douglas Call and Carolynn will be working with Dr. Gretchen Kaufman to evaluate the effect of goat health on community health in Indonesia.