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Allen School News Faculty News

Faculty News | Spring 2015

William Sischo has been awarded a USDA-NIFA grant of $2.2 million for his project “Integrating Biology, Psychology, and Ecology to Mitigate Antibiotic Resistance in Food Animal Production Systems.” Drs. Douglas Call, Margaret Davis and Dale Moore are co-PIs on the project.

Douglas Call was named a fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Faculty News | Fall 2014

Dr. Michelle (Shelley) McGuire, associate professor in the School of Biological Sciences, is a new affiliate faculty member in the Allen School. Shelley’s expertise is related to human nutrition during the lifecycle, especially during lactation and infancy.

Dr. Mohammad Obaidat, professor of food safety and zoonotic diseases at Jordan University of Science and Technology, visited Dr. Margaret Davis’s lab to learn techniques for genotyping bacterial pathogens. Dr. Obaidat is conducting field studies in Jordan to assess antimicrobial resistance in dairy cattle and small ruminants.

Faculty News | Summer 2014

Drs. Terry McElwain, Felix Lankester, Barb Martin, and Tim Baszler are working on a project funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to develop a disease surveillance system plan in Tanzania. Improved surveillance can reduce the spread of emerging and existing diseases, benefitting animal and human health.

Allen School faculty members Drs. Jon Yoder and Felix Lankester will collaborate on a project in northern Tanzania led by Dr. Sarah Cleaveland of the University of Glasgow, titled “Social, Economic and Environmental Drivers of Zoonoses.” Researchers will collect information from peri-urban and pastoral communities that have very different livestock systems. The project will assess how zoonotic diseases (such as brucellosis, Q fever and Rift valley fever that affect human and livestock health), impact people’s health, livelihoods, and economic well-being. The goals of the project are to identify ways to reduce the transmission of zoonotic pathogens from livestock to people and to improve the well-being of household and communities.

Representing the Allen School, Dr. Guy Palmer attended the Queen’s Anniversary Prize dinner at Guildhall in February at the request of the principal of the University of Glasgow, Professor Anton Muscatelli. The University of Glasgow was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education for the achievements of researchers at its Boyd Orr Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health. The Allen School is collaborating on several projects with the Boyd Orr Centre addressing the health of ecosystems, humans, domestic animals, and wildlife.

Faculty News | Spring 2014

Drs. Hector Aguilar-Carreno and Douglas Call were elected to three-year terms on the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s immunology and infectious disease graduate program executive committee.

Dr. Felix Lankester, based in Arusha, Tanzania, was appointed an external supervisor for postgraduate and master’s students at Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology.

Dr. Mushtaq Memon was elected to serve on the board of directors of the Fulbright Association, the official alumni organization of the Fulbright Scholarship program

Dr. Guy Palmer was recently reappointed to the Board on Global Health at the Institute of Medicine through 2016. Dr. Palmer has also been reappointed to the editorial board of Infection and Immunity through 2016, and is newly appointed to the International Scientific Advisory Board for the Nelson Mandela African institute of Science and Technology, Tanzania, 2013-2016.

Faculty News | Fall 2013

Dr. Douglas Call was recognized with the Zoetis Animal Health Award for Research Excellence for his research in molecular epidemiology. Dr. Call hosted a project workshop on antimicrobial resistance in Arusha, Tanzania in October. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

Dr. Guy Palmer has been named to the International Scientific Advisory Board for the Southern Africa Centre for Infectious Diseases Surveillance. The center, supported by The Wellcome Trust, the Rockefeller Foundation, Google, and IRDC, is charged with improving animal and human health through enhanced disease detection and control in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania.