Perhaps you noticed a change in the title of this column. On July 6, I stepped down as director of the Allen School to take on the broader global health role as WSU’s senior director of global health. This university-wide leadership position will catalyze new global health challenge initiatives and bring more breadth and depth of global health scholarship to all WSU academic units.

An expanding health vision for WSU and the Allen School is also the goal of other recently announced changes in leadership. We welcomed Dr. Tim Bazsler to our team as the head of global health surveillance. Dr. Terry McElwain has stepped down from his position as associate director to focus his time on program development and disease surveillance programs around the world. These leadership changes will provide us with the structures to move forward into our next growth phase.

Improving public health and human opportunity has always been at the core of the Allen School mission, largely focused around the animal–human interface. Through my service both within the National Academies and the Consortium for Universities in Global Health, I have become increasingly aware of the need to bring the full expertise of the university to bear on needed approaches to improve global health. Allen School faculty are already leaders with multidisciplinary expertise at WSU. Doug Call’s NSFfunded program in Tanzania is an excellent example. Together, anthropologists, economists, molecular epidemiologists, and sociologists are all working together to achieve the specific goals of improving global health. In my new role, I will be able to better foster and accelerate this type of multidisciplinary research and expand the work we do. My commitment, and that of the college and university, to the Allen School will remain without compromise.


Guy Palmer,
Creighton Endowed Chair and
WSU Senior Director of Global Health