Baszler Photo

Dr. Timothy Baszler has joined the Allen School as head of global health surveillance. Dr. Baszler, executive director of the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, is also a professor in the WSU microbiology and pathology department. His research includes infectious disease diagnosis and surveillance, new test method development and validation, and biomedical laboratory accreditation.
Terry McElwain 3.13

Dr. Terry McElwain has stepped down from his position as associate director in the Allen School to focus his time on program development. He played a major role in developing the Allen School East Africa program and in the school’s efforts to increase global biosafety and biosecurity. He will continue as a full-time faculty member working to develop and implement disease surveillance programs around the world. He will work closely with Dr. Tim Baszler, now the head of global health surveillance in the Allen School.
Felix Lankester

Dr. Felix Lankester received a $100,000 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration Grant. Lankester will use the fund to learn whether supplementing a Tanzanian school-based drug administration program—aimed at reducing neglected tropical diseases—with a popular dog rabies vaccination campaign to eliminate rabies will improve the coverage and impact of both programs and make the delivery of rabies vaccinations more cost effective