The mission of the Allen School is centered on discovering and implementing science-based approaches to improve health and human opportunity.  Whether in laboratories or communities, our faculty, staff, and students use science to help develop effective interventions. Global rabies elimination is just one example.  We know that vaccination of dogs is effective in eliminating more than 99 percent of human rabies. But lack of veterinary services and infrastructure to store and deliver the vaccines in lower income countries makes controlling the disease a challenge.  Allen School faculty Drs. Felix Lankester, Thumbi Mwangi, and Kariuki Njenga and affiliate professor Dr. Sarah Cleaveland have been at the forefront in developing evidence-based strategies for rabies elimination in east Africa.  Dr. Lankester’s current trial to test whether rabies vaccine can be stored at ambient temperatures, including in tropical regions, and retain full effectiveness would provide a critical new tool in these strategies and accelerate progress toward the goal of zero human deaths due to rabies.  Their work illustrates our commitment to bring the best science to bear on some of the most challenging global health priorities.


Guy Palmer

Creighton Endowed Chair and Director of the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health